Signed, Concealed, Delivered: Concealers For A Flawless Face

For anything from under eye bags to annoying zits, our favorite concealers cover it all!


E.l.f. Beautifully Bare Lightweight Concealer Stick ($4)

I decided to give this new e.l.f. Bare Lightweight Concealer a go because it comes as a super cute chubby stick. Chubby sticks are great for on-the-go because you can swipe them on and blend with your fingers. This comes in 4 shades, and per usual I bought the lightest (fair/light). Right away, I found that this is a fabulous blemish concealer because of the heavier consistency and full coverage. If you have dry skin, I’d avoid this stick since it’s not the most blendable compared to other concealers. For oily skin, this is a great option since it will stay in place without running down your face.

This is not ideal for under eye bags. While it lightened the area and covered some darkness under my eyes, it didn’t hide the bags nearly as well as a creamier concealer. Something more hydrating is the better bet for under eyes. I’d recommend this for ladies with normal to oily skin looking to cover some redness and blemishes. Just make sure to blend well with your fingers or a brush or sponge!

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NYX HD Photogenic Concealer Wand ($5)

This is a great lightweight concealer that outshines a lot of expensive brands I’ve tried. It’s a total dupe for the $30 Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer at ⅙ of the price. The best part is, it comes in 23 shades so almost anyone can find a match.

This is a creamier formula so the coverage is heavier, but not cakey, which is the worst of the worst in concealers. This is one of the few products I’ve tried that actually covers the permanent dark and puffy situation under my eyes. Plus, it lasts all day without smudging everywhere when set with powder. Make sure to blend it in with a brush or sponge right away! I left a few spots unblended for a minute and when I went to blend, the stuff wouldn’t budge.

Besides the under-eye area, this is a pretty universal concealer that also covers redness and zits with ease. While it comes with a spongy lip gloss applicator, I got the best results using my fingers and a concealer brush.

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Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream ($8)

There’s nothing fishy about this cream, it does the trick of covering up any hint of darkness underneath the eyes and the Salmon color definitely counteracts the hint of black. I always feel a little weird putting a product called “Salmon” on my face but I hope the name is just referring to the light orange color of the product and not an actual ingredient.

The concealer comes in a little container so I use my fingers to lightly dab underneath my eyes. It is a balm like consistency and isn’t sticky or wet-like. With moisturizer, the concealer does a tremendous job of brightening up my eyes. After easily dabbing this product on, I follow up with foundation and this Salmon cover-up is unnoticeable, masking the black underneath my eye. This is just for undereye usage so for any redness or pimple cover-ups, you’ll have to use a separate product to address those issues. For those mornings where you didn’t sleep well the night before, the Salmon does the trick of bringing life back into your face.

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E.l.f. HD Lifting Concealer ($3)

For those random breakouts and mornings I need a little brightening, e.l.f.’s HD Concealer really has my back. My favorite part of this concealer is how easy it is to blend. The ingredients include vitamin C, Green Tea and Mulberry which help calm the skin, while the consistency blends easily. This product comes in a lip gloss like tube with a similar applicator that makes it easy to apply.

The liquid formula provides great buildable coverage, so it’s easy to manage how much concealer I need. Whether it’s redness, dark under eyes or a zit that just won’t quit, I can easily apply just the right amount of product. Unfortunately, this only comes in 3 shades so it won’t match every skin tone perfectly. I use the middle shade, “Light” while the two others are “Fair” and “Medium.” Overall, I love this concealer as it’s easily blendable, doesn’t look caked on, and at $3, it’s a steal! It’s definitely a more useful and universal product than e.l.f.’s Beautifully Bare concealer.

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Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer ($6)

Boy oh boy this is such a great product for only $6. To my young readers out there- don’t let the product name fool you! This is most definitely a product for everyone. I’ve tried loads of concealers (at all price points) to combat these dark circles I’ve been cursed with, and this is one of the best by far. It comes in 6 shades- I use “light” which is the second lightest to “fair.”

The consistency of this concealer is perfect: It’s somewhere in between a liquid and a cream. However it doesn’t cake or crease like a cream concealer, and it covers better than a liquid. The sponge applicator is a strong selling point- it’s antimicrobial and blends the product extremely well. I usually blend with the sponge and then follow up with a brush or my fingers to get that perfect seamless coverage.

When I first bought this product, I accidentally purchased a too-light shade. Instead of throwing it away, I found that the sponge tip and consistency made it an excellent highlighter! This concealer also lasts a long time- I’ve been using mine a few times a week for the past 6 months or so and I’ve barely made a dent! I would recommend this to anyone battling undereye bags or circles like me. This concealer will give you both great coverage and that perfect airbrushed look.

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