Let’s Stain Together: Lip Tints and Stains We Love

There’s a reason kids in Korea can’t get enough of lip stains. They give you an easy, mirrorless application, plus a hint of color without the commitment of lipstick.

 We’ve tested these tints:


Secret Color Changing Jelly Lipstick ($3)

If you suffer from being lazy like me, but still want to look semi-put together, this is the product for you. Just swipe on this little tube of magic and you’ll instantly have the perfectly pink, hydrating tint. I received the blue jelly at random so every time I apply this in front of people they think it’s some sort of witchcraft when my lips are stained pink and not blue.

The downside: If your lips are at all peeling or chapped, you’re going to have a weird blotchy stain when you go to remove this but it fades after a couple of hours. You may want to go with the chapstick version instead if you’re looking for something more smudge-proof.

While my mom thinks the $3 price tag is shady and that I should throw this out before I get lead poisoning, I am seriously considering buying 10 more so I always have one on me. Never know when you’ll run into Ryan Gosling on the street.

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Secret Key Sweet Glam Tint Glow ($7)

I will get straight to the point on this one- This product couldn’t be a more obvious knock off of Dior’s Lip Glow. It’s like Sweet Glam literally stole Dior’s product and slapped a new name on it. Now, while I have never used Dior Lip Glow, I’ve read that the main difference here is that Sweet Glam is a more pigmented, lipstick-like product, while Dior’s is a more subtle tint. Girls on a budget like us LOVE a good dupe and boy is this a great one at $7 compared to Dior’s $33.

This tint is another perfect product to use when you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard. To get the full color effect, I went with the darkest shade, Chic Burgundy, which gives my lips a great dark pink stain that lasts hours. Like the jelly lipstick, I wouldn’t recommend this for chapped lips, as it can leave behind a blotchy stain. I’d also recommend making sure the area around your mouth isn’t oily so the product doesn’t travel all over your face. This is a great product with a range of shades to suit anyone.

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e.l.f. Lip Balm Tint ($2)


For $2 this product is a no-brainer and great to keep in your bag anytime your lips are dry or you’re looking a little washed out. I use the berry color, as I’ve found the grapefruit basically makes my lips go from pinkish to slightly more pinkish. While it looks red in the container, the color I get from this is pretty similar to the color of the jelly lip tint.

This definitely needs to be applied more frequently as it’s more balmy and my lips seem to soak it up. Consistency-wise, I’ve found that this is stickier than most stains, but not to the point where your hair glues itself to your lips when a gust of wind rolls by. I’d say this is a handbag staple and for $2 you can keep one in every bag for an easy pick-me-up.

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Tony Moly Delight Tony Tint ($4)

If you have absolutely perfectly smooth lips, this Korean lip tint could be great for you. It has four stars on Amazon and lots of ladies have given it stellar reviews. I, however, am not a fan. Tony usually never lets me down so I purchased the cherry pink color, expecting similar results to the Sweet Glam Tint Glow and boy was I wrong.

I used this after a lip exfoliator, so my lips were a bit raw, but smoothed out, and this tint left blotchy pink stains on the inside of my lips that lasted days. It was like I drew on my lips with a sharpie and nothing from scrubs, to oils, to soaps could get this stain off. I had to wear lipstick every day to hide it. I swear all my coworkers thought something was up because the last time I wore lipstick to work was never. If you are the queen of a perfect pout, give this $4 tint a try, but if you think you may turn into the blotchness monster like me, skip this one.

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