WTF of the Week: Why You Should Put Snail Mucin On Your Face Right Now

We at WWFL are extremely squeamish when it comes to bugs. We’ll bolt like a knife-wielding murderer is chasing us if a damn worm grazes our feet in the grass. But when it comes to beauty, we will happily slather snail mucin all over our faces without even batting an eye. Why is this you ask? To keep our faces young, duh!

Snail mucin became a popular Korean beauty anti-aging staple a while back. It is said to do everything from fading dark spots and scars to reducing wrinkles and fighting acne. The venom found in certain snails paralyzes its prey, and this is thought to relax the muscle fibers that create wrinkles. While slimey snail mucin isn’t a total miracle worker, it is said to improve the skin’s texture and provide some minor anti-aging benefits. Read our reviews below of some of our favorite snail products.


Mizon Multi Function Formula Snail Repair Eye Cream ($13)

Mizon Multi Function Formula Snail Repair Eye Cream Review

Prevent fine lines while you can with some snail care! When I kept reading top reviews about this $13 eye cream, I had to try! I’ve been using this snail cream for months now. It comes in a small packaging but a little goes a long way…like the other snail items, this isn’t too heavy for my face.

This is my last step in my 10 step skin care routine and definitely keeps my dark circles away and helps prevent any fine lines from forming. Due to the light consistency, I wake up in the morning without any residue left over which is great compared to other eye creams I’ve tried! The snail mucus completely seeps into my skin while sleeping.

Don’t forget to gently tap the cream on-to your under-eye area. To make sure you’re careful, you can pat the cream on with your pinky finger to keep any fine lines from forming.

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Mizon Black Snail All-In-One Repair Cream ($14)Mizon Black Snail All in One Cream Review

This organic snail cream is marketed as a “multipurpose solution for all skin problems.” It’s made with African black snail mucus, which provides moisture and nutrition while healing blemishes and damage. The formula also contains plant extracts like olive oil and shea butter that calm and protect the skin.

This snail cream has a unique gel-cream texture that feels light on the skin. A lot of snail products can be slimy, but this is extremely low on the slime scale. It’s unscented, which I loved, and it only takes a tiny dab to cover my entire face and neck. I usually apply this at night but it works as a day cream too. It dries semi-matte and doesn’t leave my skin oily.

After using this for a few weeks I noticed my skin was softer, brighter and less red. It also helped shrink the appearance of my pores and eliminate blemishes and post-acne marks. I have combination skin, and when I use it at night, I wake up with a plumped up, hydrated face. If you plan on purchasing this cream, remember that it is a lightweight moisturizer. So if you have extremely dry skin, I would recommend layering this with another super-hydrating product like a serum, oil or hyaluronic acid.

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Missha Near Skin Repairing Snail Cream ($28)

Missha Near Skin Repairing Snail Cream Review

Missha is a pricier Korean line even for Korean standards but while living in Korea, I had to try the cream that everyone raves about. My face tends to be oily so I enjoy using this snail cream because it comes off like a gel that isn’t too heavy for my face.

My favorite part – the cream is more of a clear, cooling gel that seeps into my skin easily. It melts into my skin, leaving my skin hydrated in the morning but not over the top! If your face tends to be dry, you may need a heavier moisturizer. Having an oily face, this left my face with the right amount of moisture when I woke up in the morning. I used this cream for 6 months straight and my skin definitely became smoother with consistent use. This is a bit pricey so a replacement for this snail mucin can be the Mizon we talked about above!

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