Makeup Applicators

No need to splurge on sponges. We’ve tested out the ways to save and simplify your makeup routine.


Silicone Makeup Sponge ($7)

Recently there’s been a lot of buzz about a new product-saving trend in makeup applicators- the silicone sponge. Beauty girls celebrated- finally a solution to our sponges absorbing half of our foundation! Before these sponges became mainstream, girls even started using bra inserts or “chicken cutlets” as an alternative. I use my fingers to apply foundation in order to save product so I decided to give this makeup saver a try.

I squirted a dab of my foundation on the sponge after applying moisturizer. I agree with the overall consensus: the sponge saves your makeup because it allows you to use significantly less foundation. However, unlike a Beauty Blender or brush, this sponge is pretty difficult to blend with. I ended up dropping the sponge and using my fingers to get the foundation to really blend into my skin. When I tried it with a lighter and creamier BB cream, I found blending to be a lot easier. My cream blush also blended super well when I dabbed it around for a solid minute using this sponge.

If you’re going to try one of these bad boys, I’d recommend heavily moisturizing first to get the best blend. It also works best with a creamier foundation or BB rather than something fluid. For a high-coverage liquid foundation, a Beauty Blender might not save you much product, but will save you the stress of trying to blend with a chicken cutlet.

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Etude House My Beauty Tool Secret Brush ($10)

We have a game changer in the brush department right here. While living in Korea, I bought this foundation brush due to the odd but intriguing way it looked. When it comes to foundation, they say it’s all about finding the best foundation color to match your skin tone. But after using this, I realized the brush you use has a lot to do with how the foundation presents itself. I use this brush everyday now.

After moisturizing, I squirt some foundation on my hand to create a palette for myself. Then, like the true artist I am, gently paint the foundation on my face with the brush. This brush allows the foundation to soak into my skin and blend easily. It gives me that perfect natural, non-caked-on look.

This brush comes with a detachable sponge piece as well, but I stick to the brush because I can’t get enough of how well it blends. The detachable aspect also makes it easy to wash. You can buy the original brush from Etude House off of Amazon or you can find some knockoffs at TJ Maxx.

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Beauty Blender ~Knockoffs ($6)

At $20, the original Beauty Blender is too pricy for my budget so I’m all about the knockoff sponges. Most of them are just as good, if not better than the original. I love my Etude House brush to apply my foundation but I use the sponge to blend my concealer.

Of course these sponges are a cult beauty buy for a reason. They blend extremely well- especially when dampened first. However, when I use it for foundation I get frustrated at how much product this absorbs (even though my face usually looks great.)

I recommend picking one up to blend liquid concealer or for foundation if you don’t mind sacrificing some product. I usually dab on some concealer and then use the sponge to lightly blend the coverup. I bought mine at Primark for $2 but these sponges are everywhere- TJ Maxx, Forever 21, Target…you name it!

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