WTF is a Lip Cloud? The new product from EM You NEED to Try

If you haven’t heard of EM Cosmetics, you’re not alone. I hadn’t heard much about the brand Michelle Phan founded until I began working at a popular beauty company that may or may not rhyme with “Tipsy.” Everyone at the company received a free Lip Cloud ($16) when EM released their newest shade “Vintage Rosewood” and I knew I needed to review it for WWFL.


EM Infinite Lip Cloud ($16)

The cruelty-free Lip Cloud is boasted as a “long-wearing lip creme” that is light and fluffy, but soft as air. (Hence the “cloud” name). EM claims that this air-whipped, matte product glides on easily and saturates lips in a highly pigmented color. Their “magnetic formula” is supposed to cling to lips for all-day wear without drying or cracking. Basically the product has the best of both worlds- it appears as a matte lipstick but wears like a stain. We needed to put this supposed wonder product to the test.

Besides the product itself, I have to comment on the beautiful packaging. The box is a simple and graphic black and white featuring the brand’s geometric cube logo. Apparently this logo was inspired by Michelle Phan’s love of graphic art.

Our Review:

The shade I received “Vintage Rosewood” is a dark reddish-mauve. It’s a pretty shade, but I usually go for more natural lip colors. I’m also NOT a matte lipstick kind of girl at all. My lips tend to be dry so most matte lipsticks flake and crack on me. I figured since the Lip Cloud wears like a stain, this could be the perfect happy medium.

The formula is mousse-like, creamy and highly pigmented. I liked how this looked as I swiped it on, but I found that the sponge tip made it hard to get a super precise application. It took me a few tries to get it to look like an adult applied it and not a 6-year-old. Unlike most matte lipsticks, the Lip Cloud didn’t dry completely. It stayed a soft and hydrating matte satin finish that wasn’t at all drying, which I loved. It really does feel like wearing nothing on your lips!

But does it last? Kind of. It doesn’t last as long as I hoped it would. I wore it for about 7 hours and noticed after 4 hours that it was caking a bit around the edges and fading in the center. I didn’t take a pic because I didn’t want to look awk at my new job. The color might last longer if you’re not eating and drinking much, but I am a professional snacker. I’d definitely suggest keeping it in your bag for mid-day touchups.

As a usual non-lipstick wearer, I’d highly recommend EM Lip Clouds! I will probably purchase a lighter color for everyday, but overall I really love this product.