The Best Hair Masks To Revitalize Your Strands

When your hair needs a little R&R to recharge from the damaging heat products you put your strands through every morning, hair masks are the way to go!


Tony Moly Haeyo Mayo Nutrition Pack ($14)

I bought this not because I needed a hair mask at the time, but because the packaging is incredible. It looks like a condiment bottle for your hair and who doesn’t want that?! I’ve also heard the Kardashians use mayo as some sort of “down there” hair softener, so I figured it has to work, right? If you’re wondering if it actually contains mayo…it kind of does. The ingredients include yolk extract (like mayo) along with shea butter and macadamia seed oil.

After washing my hair, I go straight for the nutrition pack and leave it on for the recommended 3 minutes. I’m always in awe when the product comes out of the bottle looking and feeling like actual mayonnaise. The cute bottle offers more of a conditioner for your hair rather than a hair treatment. This is definitely for someone who is looking for something a little more hydrating than the average conditioner but not as thick and heavy as a hair mask. The good part- since it is so light, it can be an everyday product but it definitely isn’t a replacement for one of our hair masks. Since I straighten and blow dry my color-treated hair every morning, I have to use something more moisturizing a few times a month such as the products below.

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Skinfood Argan Silk Hair Mask ($14)

I have gone through three of these bottles because the Argan Oil works wonders on my hair. At this point, my color-treated, heat-damaged hair basically begs for this. I blow dry and straighten every night and this mask gives me that just got my hair done at the Salon feeling.

To use: Wash your hair as normal and then leave this mask on for 20 minutes. When you wash the product out, you’ll see just how thick and heavily moisturizing it is. My hair gets greasy easily so I avoid applying the mask to my roots. And because it’s so heavy, I only use this mask once a week to avoid weighing my hair down.

Bonus! This mask is an amazing overnight treatment. Once in awhile, I’ll put the mask on my wet hair, throw on a shower cap and go to sleep. When I wash it out in the morning, my strands feel like they’ve never even been touched by a straightener!

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Mise En Scene Perfect Repair Treatment Pack ($9)

This mask is SO good, especially on my fine, super-damaged hair. No exaggeration here- bleaching my hair basically turned it to straw. This is another fabulous Korean product that is marketed as more of a treatment than a mask. (I’ll call it a mask for the sake of the post.) The magic here comes from a cocktail of 7 different nourishing oils, like argan and jojoba.

This is another heavy mask, so I try to use it 2-3 times per week max to avoid extra weight. Even though I have oily roots, I apply this root to tip with no greasy hair issues. This is one of the only masks I can use, let my hair air dry and actually get that shiny, soft texture back.

They say the only way to actually repair hair is by cutting off the dead ends, but this product is the closest thing out there to actual cuticle repair. Plus, it smells incredible and makes a great overnight treatment. If you have thick hair that’s dry or damaged, this could be a great replacement for your everyday conditioner. I’d totally use it every day if my hair was thicker.

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Hair Chemist Coconut Oil Deep Repair Masque ($10)

I picked this mask up on sale in my favorite place, the TJ Maxx beauty section. I love a good coconut oil product because they always smell like a piña colada, and this one’s scent does not disappoint. The coconut scent even outlasts the shower- people will sometimes tell me my hair smells good even after I use this the night before.

This mask is A+ for softness and shine. It gives me that girl-in-a-hair-commercial shine and really tames those pesky frizzy hairs and fly-aways. The instructions say to leave it on for 7 minutes, but I get the best results when I leave it on for 15-20.

Unlike some of the other masks we reviewed, this one is on the lighter side. So I can use it multiple days in a row on my fine and brittle hair without it feeling heavy or greasy. Some masks also tend to leave a weird residue after, but this washes out completely clean. I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a great deep-conditioning treatment that won’t weigh your hair down.

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