Hush: The Beauty App You Need Right Now

If you haven’t heard of the new beauty e-comm app, Hush, go to the app store and download it ASAP. The app, which promises to make beauty shopping fun again, offers hundreds of affordable makeup and skincare products organized by category.

Hush has a great selection of Asian beauty, as well as affordable products from both unknown and well-known brands like e.l.f. and NYX. And the best part? Free shipping, no minimum! We ordered and tested some products from brands we’ve never heard of to see if Hush lived up to its potential.

Kleancolor Peel-N-Seal Brow Tint Gel ($4)

If you’ve read our brow product reviews, you’ll know that we LOVE a strong brow. But being busy ladies, we need 2 things in a brow product: It can’t take 12 years to apply and it can’t cost an arm, a leg and your firstborn child. May I present this $4 peel-off eyebrow gel, an easy-to-use product for any brow from thick to barely-there.

This product is basically a staining peel-off mask for your eyebrows. My color is Ash Brown and it comes in multiple shades. Before doing your makeup, paint a thick layer of gel onto your brows with the brush. Make sure you ONLY paint where you want the color to go, and wipe off mistakes with a tissue. It’ll probably take you a few tries to get used to applying it, so don’t panic if your brows look a little wonky at first.

After 10-15 minutes, or whenever the gel is dry, slowly peel it off starting at the outer edges. I was worried this would rip out my eyebrows like a bad wax but it barely even pulled at the hairs. The stain lasts about 12 hours and doesn’t budge no matter what! My main concern with this gel is that I’ll go through it really fast- every application takes A LOT of product. But at $4 and free shipping, it’s really a non-issue.

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L.A. Girl HD Pro Concealer ($3) or ($4 From Amazon)

As someone plagued with some of the hardest-to-cover under-eye bags, I’ve tried every concealer from designer to drugstore. And you guys I kid you not, this concealer by LA Girl is better than ALL OF THEM. Being pale AF I use the lightest shade, Porcelain, but there are 26(!) shades to choose from.

This concealer is a perfect dupe for the Mac Pro Longwear Concealer ($22), or the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer ($24). Compared to Mac and It, the LA Girl formula is thinner, which makes it both more blendable and buildable. Unlike a lot of cheap concealers, this never cakes, no matter how much product I use or how long it’s on my face. The product comes with an attached brush, which TBH is totally useless. So I just use the attached brush to apply and then blend with a concealer brush or my fingers. In addition to under-eyes, this concealer works great on blemishes and redness!

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Kleancolor Makeup Primer Spray ($2)

This little primer spray is a must-have for travel. I’m not a huge fan of most primers because they tend to feel heavy and make me break out. That’s why I needed to test out this $2 lightweight spray. I wouldn’t say the spray works quite as well as a liquid primer at holding makeup in place. But usually my mascara smears at some point during the day, and when I used this spray, the mascara didn’t budge! If you go light on the daily makeup like I do (BB cream, mascara, out the door), this primer spray could be great for you.

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Beauty Treats Natural Sugar Lip Scrub ($2)

This $2 scrub is a total dupe for the Lush lip scrubs like “The Kiss” that cost upwards of $10. While Lush lip scrubs are great, I got more or less the same results from this $2 alternative. After scrubbing for 30 seconds, all the winter flakiness was gone and I was left with baby soft lips. To make the effect last, I followed up with Aquaphor and had perfectly smooth lips for days. I bought the peach flavor, but this also comes in other fruity flavors like cherry and raspberry. The scent is pretty artificial smelling, but not overpowering- I found it refreshing. I highly recommend this scrub for both yourself and as a great gift or party favor!

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Beauty Treats Kissable Lip Balm ($2)

I’m all about chubby egg-shaped lip products like EOS balms, so I had to give this a shot. Let me start by saying the packaging is TRAGIC. This balm came with this massive sticker sealing it shut, which took 10+ minutes of scrubbing under hot water just so I could get the thing open. Seriously, fix this Beauty Treats!

When I finally got it open, I was pleasantly surprised with the product. I bought the hot pink color expecting it to give my lips a flush of pink, but the color was almost totally sheer. I don’t mind the sheer factor though, since the balm is super moisturizing. Like the Beauty Treats Sugar Scrub, these little balms are great party favors, and come in 6 colors!

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