Our Favorite Lip Products From Miss A: The Beauty Girl’s $1 Dreamland

If you’re a makeup junkie like us, you need to head on over to Miss A Cosmetics STAT. This magical site sells everything a beauty girl could want from sheet masks to foundation to matte lipstick and gloss. The products come from Miss A’s private label, AOA, as well as well-known affordable brands like e.l.f. Cosmetics, Santee and L.A. Colors.

But how is it so cheap? Well, instead of blowing thousands on marketing and advertising, Miss A relies on social media and word of mouth. Plus, a lot of their products from outside manufacturers are made specifically for Miss A and are not sold anywhere else.

Now you might be thinking, “For $1 this stuff HAS to be garbage, right?” Well my friends, Miss A somehow provides dirt cheap prices without skimping on quality, especially on their private label products. For my first Miss A order, I spent $25 and received 25 products, some of which were better than others. But over everything else, I was OBSESSED with their lip products. Here are some of my top lip recommendations.


Beauty Treats Love Color Change Lipstick ($1)

Beauty Treats Love Color Change Lipstick Miss A Review

As you may have seen in our lip tint post we love a good color changing lip product. This lipstick by Beauty Treats will magically transform into a bright, poppy pink as you swipe it on your lips. I love how this product glides on so smoothly while actually hydrating and giving my lips a pretty pop of color. It’s my favorite product for looking pulled together without actually trying- a lazy girl’s dream.


Kleancolor Paris Escape 2 in 1 Cream Blush in Sweet Wine ($1)

Kleancolor Paris Escape 2 in 1 Lip and Cheek Balm Miss A Review

I love a good 2-in-1 and for just $1 this cream blush and lip color combo couldn’t be more of a steal. This balm-like product is super buildable and glides on both my lips and cheeks without looking blotchy. I love how sheer it is because I can layer it on for either a highly-pigmented or subtle, natural look. When I use this product on my lips, I’ll usually need to reapply it throughout the day, but as a blush it lasts me 12+ hours. I’d recommend this product as an on-the-go essential for whenever you’re looking a little washed out and could use some color.


Rosehip Lip Balm Honey Essences ($1)

Starry Rosehip Lip Balm Honey Essenes Miss A Review

In our balm reviews we reviewed the infamous Smith’s Rosebud Salve. Well this product is an excellent dupe for a fraction of the price and it’s actually even better. While Smith’s is sticky and hard to get off your fingers, this balm is smooth and slick. It gives my lips a nice sheen while hydrating and protecting them. It also has a subtle rosy scent, which I love. While this product definitely needs to be reapplied every few hours, it’s a great balm that’s definitely worth more than its price tag.


Fruit Glow Roll On Gloss in Cherry ($1)

Fruit Glow Roll On Gloss Miss A Review

This gloss brings me back to my fifth grade Lip Smacker days and I LOVE IT. I bought the cherry, and it has a light and slightly artificial scent, but nothing overpowering. It provides a long-lasting glossy sheen without that stickiness that attracts your hair to your lips with even the slightest gust of wind. You know what I’m talking about. I recommend using a balm before applying, as this isn’t the most hydrating on its own. I’ll definitely be buying more once Miss A restocks!


AOA Wonder Metal Liquid Lipstick in Moon ($1)

AOA Wonder Metal Liquid Lipstick Miss A Review

This metallic lipstick makes me feel like a total badass. It glides on smoothly, lasts hours and it’s even cruelty-free! It has a beautiful rose-gold sheen and is VERY metallic, but not in-your-face wild. It also comes in a billion (yes actually a billion) other metallic shades, some of which are great if you’re going for that alien robot look.

While I love how this product looks on my lips, I’d highly recommend using a lip scrub before applying. The first time I used it, I had flakes galore and had to wipe it off, scrub, then re-apply. I’d also recommend using the matching liner if you’re going for that sharp lip line- it’s hard to get a razor sharp line using the spongy applicator.


Beauty Treats Bunny Lip Balm in Purple ($1)

Beauty Treats Bunny Lip Balm Miss A Review

I’m gonna be honest here, I only bought this because it’s adorable. Is it the most hydrating balm in the world? Hard no. But it smells fruity and awesome and has a nice sheer tint without giving me weird purple alien lips. It hydrates for sure, but definitely not as well as other balms, like the Rosehip Honey Essence. I would recommend this as a cute desk accessory, gift or goody-bag stuffer for girls’ birthday parties, if that’s still a thing.


Santee Juicy Lips Tinted Lip Balm in #2 ($1)

Santee Juicy Lips Tinted Balm Miss A Review

You may be looking at this product and thinking, “Wow this looks an awful lot like Maybelline Baby Lips…” Well you’d be correct- it couldn’t be more of a pathetically obvious dupe and I don’t care because it’s great. This is an excellent balm that is super hydrating and long-lasting, but the “tint” is barely noticeable. So if you’re looking for some more color you’ll need to apply something more pigmented on top. I only tried #2 which is a bright pink, but the darker shades may provide more of a tint. It has a light artificial scent, which I’ve read bothers some people, but for me the scent disappeared after a couple of minutes. If you love Baby Lips, I’d highly recommend giving this dollar dupe a shot.


Santee Satin Moisture Lipstick in Color 1 ($1)

Santee Satin Moisture Lipstick Miss A Review

These ultra-silky lipsticks come in 9 beautiful shades. I went with shade #1, which is a light and bright coral pink. I HATE heavy lipsticks and this is the total opposite- it goes on sheer and you can build up the color without worrying about caking. It’s a relatively matte texture that isn’t at all sticky or tacky, and it appears as more of a pigmented lip tint than lipstick. While Santee Satin Moisture is definitely not the most hydrating lipstick I’ve tried, it isn’t drying either and feels lightweight. I’d recommend using a balm or vaseline as a base before applying. This product has quickly become a handbag staple for me and I’m planning on buying more shades in my next Miss A haul!