The Miracle Hair Product You Haven’t Heard of Yet

Hair Oil

We lazy girls are all about products that make our lives easier! Well Noor Oud Hair Oil ($54) by HiSi is a one of a kind hair oil that does just that. We usually stick to more affordable products, but one bottle of this stuff has SO many uses: It’s a powerful hair repairing treatment, leave-in conditioner, and a styling product in one. This luxurious 3-in-1 miracle worker contains a combination of 3 natural ingredients- grapeseed oil, almond oil and coconut oil with an infusion of Noor Oud (their signature fragrance). Here is how we use Noor Oud Hair Oil:

Hair Treatment:

With highlighted ends and daily straightening, my hair always needs a pick-me-up. You can use the hair oil as a preconditioning mask to bring life back into your hair.

Apply a few drops to your hand and massage into your hair. I have very fine hair that tends to get greasy easily, so I only applied the hair oil to my ends but you can apply the oil around your whole scalp if you have thicker hair. After applying the hair oil to just my ends, I left it in for 30 minutes and then washed it out with shampoo. It did take 2-3 shampoos to get it all out, but post-shower my hair was left feeling nourished and fuller! It brought life back into my hair and perked up my highlights. 

Dry Hair:

For an easy styling trick, apply this hair oil to any flyaways, frizz or right on the ends for the perfect finished look. HiSi even recommends braiding your hair and sleeping on it to leave your hair with some voluminous waves.

Hot Oil Treatment  

For those with hair that needs some extra love, HiSi’s website suggests this spa-like hair treatment. When we learned about a third use for this hair oil, we had to try! First, put your bottle into a bowl of hot water. Allow the bottle to sit in the hot water for 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure the oil is the right temperature (not too hot) and you can then massage the oil into your scalp. Then cover with a shower cap. Warm up a towel with heated water and wrap it around your head over the shower cap. Leave on this double dosage of warmth for at least 30 minutes. Wash off when you’re done and you’ll be left with frizz-free, extra soft locks!

If you can shell out the big bucks, this product is a life saver for ultra-dry or damaged hair. While we do think the packaging could use some improvement (sorry inner designer talking) we think this oil is worth the splurge.

Our Rating:

*Noor Oud Hair Oil gifted by HiSi.