Wake Up Smelling Like A PSL With These Pumpkin Scented Products

Fall can’t end without without us sharing our favorite pumpkin beauty products. Wake up smelling like a pumpkin spiced latte with these two finds that are both deliciously scented and affordable!

Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Body Butter ($5)

Trader Joe’s isn’t just a go-to for a two-buck-chuck and microwave mac and cheese… we LOVE TJ’s for cheap beauty products as well! This Fall favorite comes in a generously sized tub and I’m guilty of using it every night. Yes PSLs may be basic, but is it basic just to smell like one? We don’t think so. I always wake up with super soft skin after using this before bed. It’s a body butter so it’s thicker and more moisturizing than your normal cream. This natural Pumpkin Body Butter is made with ultra-hydrating ingredients like Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Pumpkin Seed Oil. I’ll definitely continue to use this baby all through the winter.

Unfortunately online shopping still isn’t available for TJ’s (boo!) But it’s definitely worth getting your butt off the couch to pick up this ultra-affordable staple at your local Trader Joe’s. As we all know, a lot of Trader Joe’s products are seasonal, so snatch this up while you can. At only $5, this pumpkin body butter smells good enough to eat!


Good Earth Beauty Pumpkin Pie Body Wash ($18)

Good Earth Beauty offers affordable, all natural beauty products and we can’t get enough. Currently, they have a huge assortment of pumpkin products and we’re obsessed! Our current fall favorite for the shower is the Pumpkin Pie Body Wash. This moisturizing body wash can even be used on sensitive skin! It’s even infused with honey and organic milk to give some love to our skin. It comes in a bottle with a pump for easy use that will last a while.  It also comes in a bar form for those who prefer.

While this product isn’t available in stores, go ahead and order online with Good Earth Beauty. They even offer free shipping on all U.S. orders! We like to go hard on the pumpkin by starting off with the GEB body wash and topping it off with TJ’s body butter.

You’re guaranteed to wake up with super soft skin that smells perfectly pumpkin!