Let’s Get Clayed: The Best Clay Masks

We at WWFL love a good clay mask. We’re reviewing some of the best affordable clay masks we use on the reg to get great skin that makes everyone jealous.


Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay ($10)

This mask is the real MVP of masks in all price ranges and here is why: For years, I’ve dreamed about owning the beloved GLAMGLOW Supermud, and not just the tiny samples I steal/request from Sephora…but this mask is probably just as good if not better.

The good stuff: Whatever skin concerns you have, this mask can help you get rid of zits, scarring, wrinkles, you name it. You’ll probably see an improvement if you use this regularly. There’s a reason Cleopatra used this stuff as part of her beauty ritual. As someone with pores as black as my soul, I’ve tried every nose strip in the world and this is the best thing I’ve used to suck the gunk out. I’ve also read tons of testimonials about this clay becoming a miracle worker for cystic and hormonal acne as well as wrinkles. It also helps tighten up the stubborn (designer) bags under my eyes.

The crappy stuff: This mask smells RANCID. When I use it while my boyfriend is home, he lights candles and sticks his head out the window. I guess it’s a win-win if you’re trying to repel some boys. It’ll also probably make your face as red as a tomato since the clay draws blood to the skin. Don’t use it if you’re trying to hit da club or go to dinner with your in-laws within an hour or so.

How to use: Easy- even for lazy girls like us. Just mix together equal parts of the mask powder and apple cider vinegar in a non-metal bowl. Then, slather on a slick layer. It becomes super tight and might *pulsate*. Wash it off after 15-20 minutes. DO NOT forget to moisturize after and admire your perfect face in the mirror.

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Good Things Manuka Honey Radiance Mask ($10)

If you suffer from oily skin but not a ton of breakouts or if your skin is looking a little dull, this is the mask for you. It’s also super gentle and vegan so it won’t hurt your sensitive little face (if you have one).

The upside: I picked this up in the TJ Maxx beauty section (I spend obscene amounts of my hard-earned cash there). This mask has become my go-to product every time I need a little brightening and plumping boost. I’ve even been told my skin looked *glowy* after using it.

The downside: The white clay smells like Play-Doh. I’m into the nostalgia of those good ol’ preschool days but if you aren’t into the throwback, this may not be for you. It also doesn’t pull as much gunk out of your pores as some of the stronger clay masks like Milky Piggy or Aztec. I’d recommend it for the busy girl on the go who needs a little skin boost.

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Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask ($10)

Now if you really want to scare some boys away, this mask it the way to do it while leaving you with some baby soft and gunk-free skin.

The good stuff: Like the Aztec clay, this mask sucks a lot out of your pores. Instead of drying and leaving your face red and tight, this leaves your face feeling super smooth. This is great for sensitive skin because it’s nonirritating. It’s also hilarious to use with your friends because it foams up and makes you look like an absolute monster. You can get some great snaps out of it.

The crappy stuff: Unless you want bubble clay up in your crevices, keep this far away from your mouth, nostrils and eyeballs. I’ll leave out the gross details, but trust me on this one. It’s also a little difficult to wash off with your hands so I’d suggest using an old wet washcloth to take it off.

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Quick Fix Facials Exfoliating Scrub Mask (£5)

This is another favorite I picked up at my second home, the TJ Maxx beauty section. Unfortunately, it’s tough to find online in the States, but TJ’s always seems to have it. This is a go-to whenever I’m in need of a double-duty product that unclogs my pores while giving my face some good ol’ exfoliation. The pink rose ingredient deep cleans, while the glycolic acid and pomegranate extract are supposed to regenerate your skin and load it with anti-aging antioxidants.

This stuff works wonders but make sure to follow the directions or it’s not going to work (my mistake the first time I used it). Apply a thick layer onto damp skin (post-shower skin is the best). Massage it into any problem areas and then rinse it off after 10 minutes. Bonus- this doesn’t have a weird smell and won’t get all up in your nose and mouth.

After using it a few times, I noticed a reduction in blackheads and softer skin. If you have a lot of clogged pores and a few zits here and there, I’d highly recommend this mask. If your skin is super dry, I’d stick to something more moisturizing.

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Patchology Smartmud No Mess Mud Masque ($8)

While this mask is a little pricier ($30 for 4 or $8 each), I’d recommend it as a once a month splurge. Since it comes as a sheet, it’s way less messy than the traditional mud mask. My pores were significantly clearer and my skin felt oh-so-smooth after using it the first time.

The application can be a bit tricky and it took me a few tries to get the hang of it. The directions say to peel the white backing off and apply to your face and then to remove the clear plastic. I instead peeled both pieces off and applied the mud directly to my face. If you’ve ever used a sheet mask, it’s basically the same thing, except this one is made of mud. The mask may bubble and wrinkle a bit but honestly that doesn’t even matter since you’re probably not trying to go hit the streets in a mud mask. After 10-20 minutes, just peel it off and rinse off the residue.

These are great for travel and also A+ for hilarious snapchat selfies. While it’s not immediately obvious by the packaging, this mask is actually made in Korea from Jeju volcanic ash, which is a “powerful” skin purifier.

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Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask ($22)

My last week of teaching in Korea put a lot of stress on my face. Along with teaching a full schedule of classes, I was trying to pack up and move an overwhelming amount of Korean beauty products I hoarded over the past year.

The Korean culture is very blunt about looks. They take looks very seriously and will not hesitate to let you know if you look terrible. When I broke out on my chin, I had 3 coworkers and several students inform me that something was on my face. That night, I walked to Emart, Korea’s Walmart, to search for a solution. With the help of the Innisfree counter girl, I walked out with this mousse mask.

This worked wonders as the Jeju volcanic clay dried out my face. It comes out as a whipped cream texture, making it simple to spread across my face. As you leave it on your face for 10 to 15 minutes, it dries into a hard, matte texture.

The good: Innisfree advertises that this mask “moisturizes without causing dryness” but it did dry out my skin, which I considered a positive when dealing with breakouts. By the next morning, my face was beginning to clear up from the zit-drying foam.

The bad: As the foam dries, it becomes difficult to scrub off your face. I recommend a wet compress to help take off the dried foam.

Fun fact about Jeju: I’ve been to Jeju Island which the Koreans call “The Hawaii of Korea” but we’re spoiled in the U.S. because it doesn’t even compare!

Even bigger fun fact: Jeju is known for its wondrous collection of Phallic statues. They are situated across the island, at their national parks, along their beaches and inside their parks. The island even hosts a museum called Loveland (you can probably guess what that’s about). Above is a little memento from Jeju.

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