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Face sprays are everywhere these days- setting sprays, priming sprays, moisturizing sprays… Check out our picks for wallet-friendly anytime mists to give you that glowy skin you deserve.


Everyone Face Tone Spray ($7)

This is one of the few products I’d recommend to literally everyone with any skin type. It’s a super gentle, refreshing toner spray that’s great on a hot summer day, after a sweaty workout, or post-shower. In terms of serious toning, I wouldn’t say this changed my skin, but it does always give my skin that refreshed feeling. It works great under a heavier moisturizer or even spritzed over makeup. Like the other sprays I’ve tried, this contains that magical rose water and essential oils that leave your skin with a nice glow.

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Pure Rose Water ($8)

I picked up my Aqua Oleum Pure Rose Water spray at my favorite place, the TJ Maxx beauty section. Since it seems to only be available there and in the UK, I found this Pure Rose Water on Amazon that seems to be just about the same product.

Pure Rose Water is one of those mega multi-taskers that has benefits for everyone. If I could pick one word to descibe rose water, I would say calming. Dermatologists actually recommend this product to calm inflammation from acne and rosacea. I found that every spritz is like a light burst of aromatherapy.

It’s also great at reducing puffy inflamed eyes from a late night out. Just soak some cotton balls in the spray and leave them on your eyes for 10 minutes. You’ll look presentable enough that no one in your office suspects anything. I like to keep it at my desk and lend it to my coworkers from time to time so they think I’m way cooler than I actually am.

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Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater ($7)

I recently found out that face sprays are a huge trend in Asia to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. As I’ve learned, the Asian beauty world knows how to keep their skin flawless. For me, this is an any-time spray. You can spritz this on mid-day or during a long flight for a refresh. You can even use this spray on your hair or body as a light fragrance and moisture boost. My hair was actually frizzy when I woke up this morning but a few mists of this product really calmed it down.

This also makes a fantastic makeup setting spray. It will feel like tiny dewy raindrops on your face that soak in after a few minutes, making your makeup budge-proof all day. Recently, Mario Badescu released an only at Ulta face mist similar to this one, which we will have to review and add to this post later. Rather than rose water, this new spray contains green tea and cucumber, which sounds refreshing.

If you hate the smell of roses, the rosewater spray is probably not for you. And while this is a hydrating mist, it is definitely not going to replace your moisturizer. But for mid-day touch-ups on dry winter skin, I’ve found this to be a lifesaver. Bonus: This little bottle will last you a long time. Definitely one of my favorite under $10 multi-use products!

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