The Ordinary Review: An Effective and Affordable Anti-Aging Routine

If you haven’t heard the buzz about The Ordinary by British skincare brand Deciem, listen up! The Ordinary is a relatively new line of serums and oils with powerful, skin changing ingredients… but at less than drugstore prices. Most of the products range from $5-$10, with a couple of extra-powerful products at around $15.

The website is in one word: scientific. The products are labeled by the ingredients they contain, rather than the effects they have on your skin. So if you’re anything like us, you might be confused and overwhelmed at what to buy. One of our lovely bloggers, Mel, was looking for anti-aging products from The Ordinary to prevent premature signs of aging from sun damage.

Mel from WWFL here and I’m ready to share my three-product routine. As a newbie to The Ordinary (over a month in), I’m eager to share what worked for me! Keep in mind, I have slight lines forming on my forehead, oily skin, and slight acne marks leftover from my high school acne, 6 years ago.

Hyaluronic Acid 2% +B5 ($6.80)

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Review

What it is:

You’ve probably heard of Hyaluronic Acid by now because so many brands are coming up with products with this powerful ingredient. Hyaluronic Acid is used to lock in moisture. The Ordinary stands out from the rest because this formula offers “multi-depth hydration” while “visibly plumping” the skin. This formula locks in moisture and over time gives you plumper and smoother looking skin. The extra bonus is the B5 which is a hydration vitamin for the skin.

When to use it:

Apply a few drops in the morning and evening after a toner and before Matrixyl. This can be applied all over the face, even the under-eyes.

Mel’s Review:

I’ve been using this for over a month with the Matrixyl and love the results. I’ve noticed my skin looking noticeably plumper and smoother.

With a few drops in the AM and PM, it doesn’t become a burden in the morning adding it to my routine because it quickly absorbs into my skin. With my oily skin, this is the perfect hydrator because it leaves my skin hydrated without looking oily. It is unnoticeable when applied to the skin. This clear, non-sticky consistency prevents my skin from becoming dehydrated which can cause dry flakes, fine lines, and rougher skin. I use this as a base after applying a toner, then follow with the Matrixyl to reduce any early signs of aging.


Matrixyl 10% + HA ($11.50)

The Ordinary Matrixyl 10% + HA Review

What it is:

Matrixyl is a trademarked peptide that reduces the look of wrinkles and fine lines. This contains two generations of Matrixyl which doubles the power and 10% of Hyaluronic Acid which locks in moisture.

When to use it:

Morning and evening before applying your nightly moisturizer. Do not apply near your under-eyes.

Mel’s Review:

Along with the Hyaluronic Acid, I have been using Matrixyl 10% + HA for over a month now in the morning and night and have noticed the results! It’s definitely fading my light forehead lines that I’ve recently obtained as I turn 24 soon. My goal is to continue using this to even fade those pesky little lines and wrinkles even more!

I always apply a few drops at night and after a minute of drying, I apply a moisturizer to trap in the formulas. I also use this in the morning before applying my makeup. This easily absorbs into my skin. This isn’t a hydrator for the face but with the Hyaluronic Acid as a base and a moisturizer after, the products combined leave my face feeling moisturized and ready to fight those wrinkles.


The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rosehip Seed Oil ($9.80)

The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil Review

What it is:

Rose Hip Seed Oil is full of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that help with dark spots, scars and fine lines. Because this oil is cold-pressed and organic, it’s extra rich in vitamins E, C, D and A, which all help fight free radicals and reduce photo-aging.

In terms of anti-aging, the vitamin C and vitamin A help stimulate collagen production and reduce fine lines. The oil helps to repair the skin’s surface and restore elasticity (basically a great alternative to chemicals and Botox).

In terms of protection from aging, the antioxidants in rosehip oil combat free radicals that can cause sun damage. The vitamin A and fatty acids it contains can help improve the skin’s tone, texture and pigmentation. The ultra-hydrating benefits of the oil aid in treating redness and irritation, and even help with rosacea.

When to Use It:

Apply a few drops at bedtime after water-based products.

Our Review:

Mel’s Review: The two of us are both in love with this product! The oil is super-light and buttery yellow, and it sinks right into our skin and hydrates without being greasy or pore-clogging. I’ve been using this at night after using The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid and Matrixyl, and I’ve noticed a significant change for the better. My redness left over from the random zits that appear, have faded. My face is looking smoother and my cheeks are no longer red.

Dana’s Review: My sun-damaged skin was basically begging me for help. I have a lot of hyperpigmentation and some light spots and scarring from laying by the pool 24/7. And at 25, I am always looking for products to put aging to a halt. After  2 months of using this rosehip oil every few days, I’ve noticed that my skin is more even-toned, clearer and smoother. While post-zit marks usually take weeks to go away, they disappeared in a couple of days.

We highly recommend this oil to anyone of any age! It’s seriously a wonder-product and a steal at $10.